Surfing Lesson Description and Details:

Your lesson will be taught by a Professional Instructor.

We specialize in private and semi private lessons only.

All lessons are done at 7:30 am at a location we will choose based on current wave, wind, and tide conditions.

Lessons are a half hour or until we feel your good to go on your own.

You can keep the board and wetsuit we provide with each lesson for the whole day. It will need to be returned to the shop by  6:00pm.

We do not push you into waves, in fact we will not touch your board at all.  Every thing you learn in this lesson will be focused on teaching you how to surf without any assistance. In addition to teaching you how to surf we will also teach you what to look for in wave conditions to have a good surfing experience every time.

By the end of the lesson you will be able to rent a surfboard and go surfing without the aide of an instructor

SO YOU WANT TO LEARN TO SURF” – Some food for thought when thinking about a lesson…

A GUIDE TO SURF ETIQUETTE – Rules of surfing to know before you hit the water

How to sign up for lesson:

Call the shop or email the day before you want the lesson 603-964-7714 and we will let you know if the condition will be correct for a lesson the following morning. One of the most important part of a lesson is having the correct conditions in order to have success.


Private $80

Two people $125

We do not sell gift certificates for lessons.