Poly Models from LOST Surfboards 9/15/17

5’5: RV 29.46ltrs FCS2
5’8? V3 28.56 FCS2
6? V3 28.56ltrs FCS2
5’7? Puddle Fish 32.5ltrs futures
5’8? Puddle Jumper Round 33ltrs FCS2
5’10” Puddle Jumper Round 36.5ltrs futures
5’10” Baby Buggy Round 29.5ltrs futures
6’1? VooDoo Child 33.26ltrs FCS2
6’2? Quiver Killer 37ltrs FCS2
6’4? Baby Buggy Round 39.76 FCS2
6? RV 52ltrs futures
5’10” FNF 35lltrs FCS2
5’9? Pocket Rocket 27ltrs futures
5’8? VooDoo Child 26.5ltrs FCS2
5’4? Puddle Jumper Round 27.5ltrs futures
5’6? Puddle Jumper Round 30ltrs futures SOLD
5’4? Short Round 24.6ltrs futures
6? Rock Up 29.7ltrs futures
6’2? Rock Up 31.6ltrs futures

Lost Carbon Wrap Surfboards in Stock 9/15/17

Puddle Jumper 5’2? 28.10 FCS2
Quiver Killer 5’11” 31.5ltrs FCS2 SOLD
Baby Buggy 5’6? 25.25ltrs
Baby Buggy 5’7? 26ltr FCS2
Baby Buggy 5’11?31.5ltr FCS2
Puddle Jumper 6? 39.65ltrs FCS2
Puddle Jumper Round 6? 40.25ltrs FCS2
Puddle Jumper Round  6’2? 42.75ltrs FCS2
V3 Rocket 6? 33.7ltrs FCS2

Call for info 603-964-7714

Pioneers receives boards every six-eight weeks from LOST SURFBOARDS year round.  So if you don’t see a board that works for you. Give us a call at the shop 1(603)964-7714 For a look at all lost models and write ups click here