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 All boards in stock are standard Poly construction in white!


I would say that somewhere between 40% and 50% of the Lost Surfboards we sell are boards that are custom ordered.  Ordering a board from Lost couldn’t be simpler and doesn’t cost any more than a stock board.  If you know what you want all you have to do is tell us and we’ll take care of the rest.  Have no idea at all, well then we’ll talk it through with you and make sure you get dialed with the right board. Advantages to customs are many, you can pick your own dimension, artwork, type of construction (poly, eps, xtr, hydro flex, etc, etc) fin set up, logo color and placement and more… The only down side is the wait time.  Poly boards tend to be about 8 weeks and epoxy boards are more like 12 weeks.  Some times shipping can add an extra week or two.  So if your interested or have more questions just swing by and see us, shoot us an email, or drop us a line…

A wider, thicker, flatter, fatter, fuller, faster, floatier, funner, freakishly fantastic prodgetic-ly paddling stepdown version of the V2 Rocket. The nose is flat, full and wide, the Rocker is lower overall and volume is generously distributed further into the rails and farther out to the nose and tail; So ride it a couple inches shorter, and a good ½ wider, than a Rocket or V2 to get that great “Rocket” feeling in even smaller, more crowded junky waves. Shown here in “E-Technologies” EPS and SuperSap Epoxy, with mosaic bamboo inlay deck and resin tint bottom. All V2 Stubs are designed with 5 fin options.

Designed in conjunction with the LayZboy, The Couch Potato in the extreme small wave version of the same general concept. It is wider, shorter, with a flatter rocker and a more parallel, yet continuously curving, outline than its big brother. Designed specifically a small wave surfboard, The Couch Potato (CP) is essentially a grovel version of the LayZboy, with a noticeably wider nose , with less entry rocker and a fuller forward foil, combined with a slightly wider tail. The outline and rocker combine for a board that is crazy fast , yet still controllable and maneuverable, in gutless surf. A waist high weapon that, like the LayZboy, can be surfed equally effective from both a centered stance or off the tail. Recommend to be ridden 2” shorter than the LayZBoy or the same size as Plank or Bottom Feeder.

Both a continuation and break away from the Plank/Bottom Feeder genre of alternative, fun yet performance minded, surfboards. The LayZboy takes these high volume/low rocker and neutral bottom curves small wave surfboard designs to a wider range of waves and a more versatile and diverse playing field. Using an elliptical , “double ender” influenced outline, the LayZboy is inspired by the boards ridden by guys like Wayne Lynch and Michael Peterson in the 1970’s…as well as Dave Parmenter in the 80’s and 90’s . These elliptical, continuous curve, outlines combined with our proven rocker and bottom curves from the Bottom Feeder and Plank series, create a board that has a very open and forgiving sweet spot (as far as foot placement goes) and can be ridden in waves from knee high to well over head with ease. Because of the narrow hipped, continuous curve, elliptical outlines, you can surf this with a centered stance for down the line 70’s inspired speed runs, down carves and cutbacks…. or step back on the tail and go vertical off the bottom and in the pocket. The bottom contours (mostly flat rail to rail, with rolled, soft edges and a spiral vee under the rear foot) neutralize the high volume and free the board up, making it easy to push and permeate the rail deep and perpendicular into the face of waves…..rather than skate flat on top of the water. Paddling? What do you expect….like a Cadillac.

Our latest board design for riding the smallest waves possible. A board that feeds and thrives off the bottom end of the wave spectrum. I was feeling held back a bit by the wide noses on the Plank and Uber-Plank, and wanted to make a board with more outline curve and no wings, something more elliptical. This board has a lower entry rocker than I have ever done and uses rolled belly to keep it from catching. The belly continues through the center but features a double concave sitting inside it. Which creates a tri-plane hull featuring a soft chine in the rail. This feeds water through the hull and gives it a feeling closer to a concave bottom board. The tail features enough rail rocker and hip to allow aggressive direction changes in tiny surf without losing speed. A am feeling outlines that are more and more clean, with less wings and fancy, trendy tail shapes. This board showcases that concept. It’s designed as a quad, but it can be made a 5 fin as well. I prefer it with Future Fin boxes and fiberglass “controller” fins.

The V2 has a bit less tail rocker, with less concave through he fins which creates a faster rail line under foot. I actually deepened the concave out of the tail as well. The soft wing helps retain of the quick redirection off the top n bottom..and lend more control in the bowl. To tell the truth, I have moved the points of the diamond up a bit and made the angle closer to the Stealth tail, but haven’t finalized this 100%.The nose rocker is bent up more in the last 12? (to balance the lower TR and keep from poking) and the concave is brought further forward (to compensate for more NR and also further elongating the rail line for more front foot drive) and help with even faster out the gate take rides.The tail rail is sculpted in a more pronounced way, adding a touch of double concave under the rear foot, as well as a low, square and boxy tail rail. I also made the nose a touch wider in the 12-18? mark.Overall a easier board to ride for an average surfer in sub-par waves. it has more down the line drive and a bit less skateboard kick tail feel.The Rocket was one of the most popular boards around the world in the last 5 years…one of the most well known and knocked off surfboard models in recent memory. It obviously has merit and worked well for thousands of surfers, but there is always room for improvement. I used the feedback from the average joe to update and refine what was not broken.The original Rocket will always be available from us as well. This doesn’t replace the Rocket, it compliments it.

After four years of tweaking and testing this most radical of fish designs we are proud to finally announce its release. Pelagic species are known as “The fastest, most stream lined and agile of all open ocean fish”. With a lifetime of snowboarding, I have always been intrigued with the concept of side cut outline as applied to surfboards. Side cuts in surfboard outlines are not new. The concept has been dabbled with for decades. In the spring of 2008, I saw an old “Bill Caster” surfboard (with a particularly interesting version of side cut) hanging on a wall at Heritage Surf shop, in New Jersey. It immediately caught my attn. I returned home and begin to play with curves and come up with my first prototype. In surfboards, everything is balance. Curvy rockers need to balance with straighter outlines and curvy outlines need flatter rockers. These principles became very apparent in the development of the Pelagic. Beginning with a fairly standard RNF template, we added a point at 12” from the tail and carved a reverse, side-cut, outline from there forward, into the wide point just above center. This effectively creates a reversed curve outline between the riders stance. To balance the negative outline curve, we have added a tremendous amount of rail rocker through the center of the board. The final component is a very low, straight and fast centerline rocker, which cuts a massively deep concave through the rail rocker.

-A low centerline rocker paddles, glides and drives down the line.

-A deep concave (a result of the extreme rail rocker) provides lift, incredible speed and planes easily at low speeds.

– A curvy rail rocker keeps it very loose and easy to turn.

– A wide tail, with angled “super” swallow, adds some bite and feels positive behind your rear foot in carves and cut backs.

All of this works together to give the Pelagic performance characteristics like a well tuned snowboard on groomed corduroy. The Pelagic loves to be surfed on the rail and initiates turns from the center of the board, like a pivot point straight down your center of stance. When putting this board on a rail, the generous rail rocker allows very tight radius arcs up the face, or off the top, while the side cut in the outline “locks” into the face, or lip, giving a precise, slicing…sensation. Carving in bowling sections and fin free lip turns feel more positive and possible than you would imagine on a “fish” type surfboard design. Primarily developed as a quad fin, but is equally effective as a thruster.

A fresh twist to the extremely popular Sub Scorcher. I started making squash tail versions of this one just for friends and a lot of WQS warrior/team riders, and it then gained popularity among the So- Cal custom order crew simply by word of mouth. The premise is simple: We removed all off the Sub-Scorchers trademark ¼”vee from the last 6” of the tail (we increasing the rocker about 1/8” and lowering the rail-line 1/8”). This loosens up the board, to better allow a more vertical and in the pocket attack. At the same time to counter any possible loss of drive we straightened the outline with a touch wider nose. We have played with a myriad of tail shapes. DW-Swallow: The straight lines of the tails adds drive and the swallow adds bite in turns. Diamond: Julian’s choice for more precision turning on his 5’7” 19.25” 2.32” and even a “Butt” tail for Kolohe’s 5’6” 19.50 2.32”. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the two above mentioned surfers was the major inspiration in releasing this latest incarnation of the Sub-Scorcher. The overall volume is similar to the original, but the thickness flow has been held further forward to allow it to be ridden very short. All these subtle changes ad up make to a board that features extremely effective use of rocker, foil and rail line in a small package. In spite of the Pros being so involved in the development of this design, it is actually a great “everyman’s” small to average wave short-board, with a relatively pulled in/pointed nose, in place of full nose hybrid or traditional fish type design.

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