Some possible models worth custom ordering!!! That SHORT ROUND  has been getting the love lately and the v3 from last year is still crushing it as a really good option for a one board quiver!

Many people choose to custom order their Lost Surfboard through Pioneers. It’s way easier than you think and doesn’t cost any more money than buying a board off the rack would. The only major difference is that you generally have to wait 8-10 weeks before receiving your board.  I wanted to give you a quick outline of what the custom order process looks like as well as the many different order options you have. On a yearly average we probably order 40-50 custom Lost boards so rest assured we’ll help you get exactly what you want!

Step 1. Select your board! Browse Lost’s site and check out all the models.

Step 2. Once you’ve picked you board it’s time to think about selecting your dimensions, and volume. (check out the new Lost volume calculator HERE, and unless your a pro opt for the upper end which takes into account cold water and thick wetsuits) Lost always has stock dimensions available with the different models but there is no reason you can’t change them up a bit. As an example I ordered a Mini Driver last year, I wanted something for good waves so I ordered a 6’1 but rather than having it shaped at the recommended 20.25 x 2.63 I opted to have it shaped 19.5 x 2.5. This made it a slightly more preformance board and has been working perfectly for me in good waves.  If this sounds confusing, no worries! Stop by and talk to Steve or Bryan and they will get you dialed!

Step 3. This is where it starts getting fun! Choose your LOGO, choose where to put you LOGO. Lots of color options and placement options available.

Some Lucky Bastards resin work! See more by clicking the link below

Step 4. Decide if you want some color or artwork on your board! Lost has so many amazing options check them out individually below.

Lucky Bastards Resin Jobs (start at a minimum of $100)

Resin Work Resin Jobs (start at a minimum of $75)

Air Brush work (starts at a minimum of $30)

Classic Lost Artwork (starts at a minimum of $30)

Step 5. Choose your board construction and man there are a bunch of options here….. Some can be combined with art and some can not. If you’ve got specific questions here we’ll help you out.  Check out your options below. (as a rule of thumb going epoxy will add $100+ to your board price in the end, more for some specific models like the Hydro Flex Supercharger)

Traditional Poly board- this is your tried and true standard! You have plenty of options as far as the style and amount of fiberglass that is used. From “average Joe” to “I’m going PRO!”. We’ll help you here if you need it.

XTR- One of our favorites, extremely durable, closed cell foam, and plenty of options.  Check out Epoxypro.com for more detail and allow for an extra two weeks for delivery with this option.

Hydro Flex Natural and Hydro Flex Supercharger- Another awesome Epoxy option. Tons of tech here, please allow extra two weeks for delivery with this option.

C3 construction- still waiting from info on the lost page but here is what I can tell you, Cork Carbon Composite Construction takes the rare performance characteristics of light weight, flex and durability, and puts them together to create a unique surfboard that is truly worth the additional coin compared to normal PU/Poly. These boards feature stringerless EPS blanks with carbon rails and an exposed cork deck. The big question is do you wax it or not?>>>> and that’s up to you.

Markos EPS- One of my favorites. Super light, yet strong.

Step 6. Choose fin set up and any last minute add ons.  FCS, Future, or Glass-on thruster, quad, or 5 fin. Carbon tail patch etc.

Step 7. Put a 25% deposit down and start the 8-10 week wait!  It’s that easy and we are here to help at every step! You don’t even have to come in, just call, we’ll go over the order, take a credit card number for deposit and then call you when it gets here. You can come pick it up or we can even ship it right to your door.

Here is an example of an order all written up for our buddy Alex. His board came out insane!!!! I wish I had a photo to back it up but he was so excited to get it in the water he left the shop before I could get a shot off!